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After 2 years of intentional & intensive development, the Genesis Healing Institute wishes to offer a warm invitation to our extended community, in order to support & advance our vision for healing of people and the planet at this pivotal moment.

Our Mission: 
The Genesis Healing Institute is committed to nourishing and amplifying the healing ecosystems which exist within communities directly impacted by historical, systemic and institutional trauma in the United States
About Us: 
We are experiencing a historic convergence at this moment. On one end, we see the unveiling, decay. unraveling and mass rejection of “old world” institutions, social norms, philosophies and values. And on the other end, we see the elevation of collective consciousness toward healing, wellness, sustainability, Earth-stewardship and interdependence. In short, we are in a moment of global transition. With the falling away of the “old world”, we have the opportunity to birth a new way of living and organizing our society- one that centers the healing of people and the planet. The Genesis Healing Institute was created in order ease the distress of this transition and to serve as a guide for those seeking to cultivate a more beautiful world. 

Soul Refuge: A six-month immersive healing program for social justice advocates & service providers in the SF Bay Area. Each participant in the program will gain access to a care team comprised of a therapist, nutritionist, spiritual counselor, life coach and herbalist- all free of charge. Participants also receive a basic introduction to Earth-based and ancestral healing practices through monthly retreats. In addition to protecting against “burn-out”, the program honors healing as a fundamental aspect of movements toward social transformation.

Lifeforce Initiative: A professional association intended to support graduate students of color currently studying in psychology, psychiatry, therapy, social work, and other allied fields. The association is focused on promoting a new generation of mental health practitioners of color who are politically-conscious, well-versed in various forms of holistic healing, and who reflect the diverse & intersectional experiences of the communities they support. The program hosts a national conference each fall.
Central Valley Healing Collective: A union of healers, advocates and community leaders in the central valley region of California who have come together to identify and mobilize the healing assets in the region, in order to benefit rural communities which are often excluded from high quality & holistic emotional, mental and spiritual care. The collective hosts free public healing clinics throughout the region- spanning from Merced down to Bakersfield.

Kinship Rising Festival: A series of large-scale full-day events across the state of California focused on healing for womxn of color. A group of highly skilled & experienced healing practitioners will provide in-depth instruction & guidance to festival participants- along with essential tools and networks- which are intended to restore and regenerate the “sacred feminine”. The tour is slated to begin Spring of 2021.